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The Beauty of Madras Christian College

I shot a few pictures of the picturesque MCC campus during my visit there to deliver a lecture on Social Media – Blogging, Podcasting and Videocasting tothe students from the Department of Communication.

I’m a regular on the lecture circuit at this college and always enjoyed the experience. A lot of credit should go to the Ms.Susan Sridar, the ebulient and energietic HoD of the Communications Department who gives a lot of freedom and flexibilty to her students. I have known her during her earlier stints as the head at MoP Vaishnav and Womens Christian College, where I have lectuerd too and only have good things to hear from her students.

I totally love the campus. The greenishness of the campus easily beats that of IIT Madras. Check out the video below which gives you a 360 degree view of the entrance of the campus.

For a gigantic 350 acre campus, the entrance doesn’t do justice. it’s way too modest.

The sun kissed trees offered a spectacular view. The campus is definitely much better looking and far more greener that last year.

The unique buildings that dot the campus.

More greenery.

I saw this awesome hall where some of the lectures and plays are held. It doesn’t have windows. Instead, it’s completely open on both sides. You have to see it to appreciate the beauty of it.

There was this cute ‘stand’ near the St.Martins hall. The college had lost power yesterday afternoon and we were supposed to hold the lecture under the trees that do the football stadium. That would have been awesome. Unfortunately, the power came up a few minutes before my lecture was support to start.