Chennai Gets Another City Blog It looks like a decent start for this colloborative blog. Still in its infancy though. For chennai lovers, a good addition to the wonderful Chennai Metblog.

When ICICI Bank Becomes a Jewelry Shop For a Day I was at the ICICI ATM to draw some cash, when a banner caught my attention. It said, “All ICICI Bank branches will remain open on Sunday, [...]

The Masinagudi Travelogue The climb towards Ooty from Metupalayam was absolutely picturesque. Out destination was Masinagudi, a forest on the foothills of Ooty. Just that we had to climb to [...]

BarCampBangalore Snapshots Missed being there. But made do with some of the snaps. Here’s a collection that I picked from BarCampBangalore’s Flickr group. I really liked this [...]

Weekend Getaway to Masinagudi I hate it when I have to choose between two interesting stuff happening this weekend. The first is a visit to Masinagudi, a picturesque jungle place near Ooty and [...]