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Simian Ballmer

Imagine this. You are the CEO of a *really* big company. Thousands of employees have gathered in a big auditorium for an employee conference. You want to charge them with energy and enthusiasm. You get highly charged up when you get on the stage. It’s infectious and it starts to spread around. Sounds perfect. But take the video out of context and look at it in isolation and no wonder, people cal this the ‘Dance Monkeyboy’ video.

This is an old one, yet, it’s amazing to see Steve’s enthusiasm. You got to give it to this guy.

When I first looked at this video, it looked very familiar. And then it stuck me. Ah! There’s the infamous hysterical scream of presidential candidate Howard Dean. Yup, that’s it.

There’s even remixes of Ballmer’s video and even an iPod spoof. Check it out.