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Online Popcorn and Pepsi

Ever since Satyam launched its online ticketing system, I have almost always bought the tickets through their site. It’s so easy and convenient that you wonder why would anyone endure the crowd and the heat to buy tickets from the theatre counter.

Anyways, when I booked the tickets recently to watch Ice Age 2, I wanted to use their newly launched feature of buying snacks online. The selection was a breeze. Very well done interface. I must pat the web developers who did this.

The only grouse was that there was no acknowledgement for the snacks. The final printout had no mention about the payment for the snacks. It only had details about the ticket. I had to doublecheck with the theatre folks who told me that the snacks will come to me.

And so it did. A guy dropped in about 5 minutes before the interval and promptly handed over the Pepsis and the Popcorns. I personally thought it was a wise decision to give it a tad bit before the interval. This way, he won’t have to deal with the crowd walking out.

Overall, a two thumbs up. I’m sold on the idea of buying snacks online.

And oh, you should also check out the ‘seat selection’ option. I would have liked it if they didn’t charge an extra Rs.10 for each ticket though.