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Wanna Question Guy Kawasaki?

I will be interviewing Guy next week (28th June at 4:30 AM India time. yeah, AM!) and I welcome you to participate in the process. It will get published as a podcast. If you have any questions to ask Guy, leave it in the comments box and I’ll ask him on your behalf. No, I ain’t running dry on questions… got way too many to ask him, but I felt it would be great to involve the readers. So, chip in guys.

Guy achieved iconic status as one of the key guys responsible for the splendid success of Apple’s Macintosh. Guy is one of Apple’s earliest employees and played an important role as a passionate tech evangelist promoting the brand.

He is also well known for the bestseller books he has authored. He may be a very late entrant to blogging but thanks to his prolific writing and his famous ‘top ten lists’, his blog zoomed quickly to Technorati’s Top 100.

He is currently CEO of Garage Technology Ventures (, a venture capital firm which specializes in high-technology startup firms located in Silicon Valley, California. He is also a columnist for

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Go ahead, add your questions to him in the comment box.