In General

The 4:00 AM Challenge

I have been wanting to do this for a long time. Been priming myself for two weeks. And actually been doing this successfully for the last three days. Yup, I’m talking about waking up everyday at 4:00 AM.

I’ve realized that early morning time is far more productive, workwise. The place is quiet and I’m able to think a lot better. With two little naughty kids at home, that makes a huge difference. Importantly, it gives time to plan for the rest of the day and it feels good to get a head start.

Sure, that’s all nice but dragging yourself out of the bed is the toughest part. This is the crucial part. Many a times, earlier, I would just shut the alarm, roll over and continue sleeping. Sounds familiar, eh?! The early morning sleep, especially, is ecstasy redefined. Here’s how I managed to beat it.

I would keep the alarm at the end of the room. So, the only way to cut out that irritatingly loud sound is to get out of bed. As soon as I put off the alarm, I quicky (yeah, very quickly) head straight to the bath room, strip, and turn the shower to full blast and get under it. This really wakes you. You should try it. Makes a huge difference.

The other trick is to hit the sack early at night. I make it a point to sleep at 10’O clock. Can’t compromise on the hours of sleep or you’d feel like a zombie at office. As the Worldcup reaches the final stages, I’m expecting a slight change in the schedule but I should be sticking to the 4:00 AM wake up time.

I’m hoping to keep this habit for life. Just like how I don’t drink coffee/tea, always bathe in cold water and cycle to office everyday. Hopefully, I should.

The weekends, ofcourse, is time for revenge. The rules get the middle finger! 😉