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Wanna Question Rajesh Setty?

Who’s Rajesh Setty? Good you asked. Rajesh is the president of ForesightPlus and Chairman of Cignex. He is now better known as the author of Life Beyond Code, a book aimed at technology professionals withinsignts into how they can supercharge their careers and to raise above the commodity crowd and become remarkable.

His blog is very insightful. He is the best guy who I have seen use his blog effectively to author his books. On Monday at 4:30 AM India time, I will be doing a podcast interview with this remarkable person. Do check out his website (one of the best maintained ones I have seen) and feel free to shoot him a question.

Here’s a plus. The best three questions will win a copy of his book, ‘Life Beyond Code’. The book is currently getting published and he’ll make sure his publisher mail the book directly to the winners. Go ahead and drop your questions in the comment box.