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My First Circus

When I took my daughter to watch the Royal Circus that’s touring the city, I added a significant stat to my life. It’s the first ever circus I’ve ever watched live in my entire life.

I went with lower expectations but came out fairly mesmerized with the two hour spectacle. Most of my life, I had grown up with the misconception that Circus wasn’t a good thing because of the ill-treatment of the animals. I avoided them the way I avoided the fire crackers because they used child-labour.

After my circus experience though, I knew I had been wrong. Sure, they use animals but that was for a fairly small portion of the duration. Most has been human talent. I was astounded to see the circus employ so many people. At least a 100 people in a conservative count. In a life where they make other people happy, I hear that they themselves live a life of penury. These talented folks deserve a good livelihood.

We paid Rs.70 a ticket and felt it was worth each rupee of it. There were even lower ticket rates at Rs.20 and Rs.40. Compared to what we pay for the cinemas, this is absolutely worth it.

This is truly wholesome family entertainment.