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Domain Name in a Parcel?

I didn’t know domains would be ‘dispatched’ in more than one ‘consignment’, until I bought one at! This is the confirmation mail I got from them.

“This is to confirm that your order would be dispatched at the earliest. In the interest of better customer service, we may arrange to dispatch your order in more than one consignment. “


I usually use Net4Domains for all my domain purchases. Unfortunately, they don’t make it easy to buy .in domains. They give you no option but to buy it for 5 years at a stretch. Which means one has to pay Rs.4000 to buy a single .in domain. Besides, their online payment facility has stopped working for some time now. The only way to buy is by sending a cheque and that’s so archaic.

Sify Domains gives you the option to buy for just a year. And at Rs.595 only (Rs.205 less than Net4domains). Credit card payment works fine too. I only wish the online shopping experience was better.

Which domain registrar would you recommend for buying a ‘.in’ domain?