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The Apple Way of Keeping Your Product a Secret

While there’s so much publicity and interest in Apple’s iPhone, did you ever stop to think how they managed to keep this product under wraps inspite of such heavy media interest? I mean, heck, even the Apple employees themselves didn’t know about it.

A few months back, I had an opportunity to have breakfast with a guy from Apple’s Bangalore office and he showed me this video you see below. While he confessed that he doesn’t have any inside information on what’s happening at the Cupertino office, he sounded fairly confident that this could be the phone in the making. I believed too. I mean, the phone had a heavy iPod feel and very believable.

He was quick to add that his video wasn’t done by Apple but by a mac enthusiast. I had my suspicions though. Which individual would invest money in doing a high quality prototype. Even if he did, it obviously would have to have the backing of Apple Inc.

A nice way of shielding your real product is NOT by protecting it. But by diverting the attention by using classy prototypes like the one below. You gotto watch the video.