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Live TV Debate Tonight on ‘Bloggers Code of Conduct’

Headlines Today is having a debate about the brouhaha over the ‘Bloggers Code of Conduct’ at 9:00 PM tonight. The rough draft of the code suggested by Tim O’Reilly has met with mixed reactions. While some think guidelines are helpful, many feel its an infringement on their rights.

Headlines today has invited Pavan Duggal, a Cyberlaw expert, Kajal Basu, a journalist blogger and me for a debate. While I’ve read the code last week with only a passing interest, I’m suddenly catching up on it in detail. Ah, the things that TV makes you do.

And its going to be live TV, which means you get to see my goofups straight on. has created a wonderful model Bloggers’ Code of Ethics, by modifying the Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics for the Weblog world. Recommended read.