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Interested in Training for Marathon?

….or just want to run regularly to keep fit? Joining the Chennai Runners Group is a good idea. The group is an informal team of fitness enthusiasts who get together a few times a week to train together. I have been part of this group since the inception and have thoroughly enjoyed the company. The group’s positive energy easily rubs on you. It helped me get back into the running groove after a long sabbatical.

There are no fees to pay. No forms to fill. All you need is enthusiasm…and a good alarm clock. The team runs every Sunday morning at 5:00 am. You even get help with wake up calls.

After Nike, FitnessOne has come in support of the group. They are helping spread the word amongst its members. I like the poster they have designed.

What I particularly like is they didn’t fuss about mentioning one of their competitors as the starting point of our run. We have traditionally had Dimensions Gym as the landmark.

Joining the group helps make you a better runner. I have seen many folks, who have since become good friends, improve remarkably over the months.

If you have been thinking of running but wanted a good enough reason, you now have it. If you need help with directions, call me at 98415 97744. Also, join the mailing list.

We run Sunday morning at 5:00 am. Join in. Whether you can run 1 km or 20 kms doesn’t matter. All you need is the spirit of running to join the group.