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Currently Reading “In Spite of The Gods”

This is the book that I got as a gift when I gave a talk to the employees of TCS yesterday. Now, this is exactly the type of book that I would never pick up from a book store…and that’s what makes this book special. Now that I had the book, I began reading it on the way back during the long dusty journey on Old Mahabalipuram Road. I surprised myself by how engrossed I was in the book.

The book explores the two stark sides of India. On one side we are a technology super power enabling global markets yet a major chunk of our own government offices hasn’t seen a computer.

On the way back in the taxi and while reading the book, I looked out the window and saw this particular image which perfectly exemplifies this book. There was this very impressive glass & steel building of Cognizant Technology Services and within a spitting distance was a milkman’s run down cattle shed with a thatched roof. I had to smile at the coincidence.

The book is authored by Edward Luce, a Financial Times journalist who was stationed in India for four years and eventually married an Indian. This book captures his many experiences. It’s fascinating to look at your own country from a foreigner’s perspective.

A fascinating read.