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Note: I haven’t confirmed this myself.

Today, I received this message from the mailing list of ‘Runners For Life’, a die-hard runners group in Bangalore. It carried the following message from one of the members.

“Apparently, the Gatorade bottles have been recalled due to some contamination. We had bought some of the orange flavor and had to return it to Foodworld. There, they told us that the orange and lemon flavors were contaminated and would be sent back to the company.

Can someone double-check this the next time you go to the super market?

Gatorade is from Pepsi and if this news is true, its bound to stir up the ‘pesticide’ issue once again.

Gatorade is huge in the US and there are many who swear by it. Like this guy Darren who runs a dedicated blog about the drink.

Every time I see Gatorade stocked up in Nilgiris and Spencers Daily superstores, I wonder why the marketing blitz hasn’t begun on TV. The sports drink market is still virgin in India.