In General

After I presented my talk at the Emerging Companies Forum at the NASSCOM’s office in Delhi this evening, I got this interesting book as a token of appreciation. What’s special about this book is that it had a personal hand-written thank-you message from Kiran Karnik, the current president of NASSCOM.

It’s a pity I couldn’t meet up in person as he had to rush out for a meeting. But it felt good that he made it a point to write a thank you message in the book. A small task but its a nice gesture.

It’s probably the last ‘Emerging Companies Forum’ that’s held during his tenure as President. He quits office later this year.

Now about the book. I have never read a C.K.Prahalad book before… (Wonder what the IIM Kozhikode students, whom I’m going to talk to today, are going to think of me!), though I’ve heard a lot about him and had to chance to meet him in person once.

And this is not the book I would have picked up at a bookshop if I had to buy a book myself. And that’s what makes the choice of the book interesting. Now that I have the book, I’ll take the time to read through it. Maybe now, I’ll figure out why a lot of folks go gaga over C.K.P.