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We wanted a temporary place for a pair of Guinea Fowls. We found a discarded bird’s cage at my aunt’s place. It was in a very dilapidated condition. We salvaged whatever the termites spared and repaired it using wood from a discarded almirah. This make-shift arrangement is until we get the bigger Chicken Pen ready.

That’s Rajendran, our favorite carpenter at work. He is a regular visitor to the farm and a very nice fellow. While he is very talented, its quite tough to get his time for he is always busy. — at Vaksana Farms, Rettanai Village.

Fixing the doors for the mini-chicken coop. We are using wood that is salvaged from a discarded piece of almirah. — at Vaksana Farms, Rettanai Village.

My daughter, Kalpitha, trying her hand at sawing. I’ve noticed that kids easily get bored and getting them busy with practical tasks is the best way to engage their minds. Thankfully, there are lots of work to be done at the farm! — at Vaksana Farms, Rettanai Village.