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A set of highly motivated team is joining for the 2014 edition of ‘The Bucketlist Bootcamp’ (including a lady from France). Someone yesterday asked me why I’m so excited about hosting this event. Here’s my top three reasons.

  1. SIX MONTHS: This is not a 2 day workshop. Its a 6 months journey where will measure our progress of our goals. The team meets up every month to review and motivate each other.
  2. FOCUS: Setting aside 3 days with a single-minded objective on the goals does wonders. This is done through a series of written exercises, brainstorming and group questioning. The faraway farm provides a good venue.
  3. TEAM: This is the NUMBER ONE reason. Following our goals is like training for a marathon. It can be lonesome training by yourself but lot more productive and fun doing it as a team with motivated people with shared passion.

More info at 5 days to go for event. Workshop dates are January 10th (evening), 11th & 12th.

EMI: A few inquired about flexibility in payment. You can register with no payment now (that’s right) and later pay Rs.1000 across the next 5 months. Click on the link here and fill in the short form in the ‘Apply’ section.