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May 11, 2018
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May 12, 2018

Don’t intend on selling Truecaller: Nami Zarringhalam

In the final part of the conversation, Zarringhalam talks about data security, and Truecaller’s future

In the first two parts of the conversation, Nami Zarringhalam spoke about the origins and growth of Truecaller. In this final segment, he talks about data security, Cambrige Analytica and Truecaller’s future. Watch the video for the full conversation, below are some excerpts:

On the ongoing data security crisis and the Cambridge analytical fiasco

Privacy has always been the core of TrueCaller. We make it easy for users to opt out of TrueCaller, customise your name or even delete your account. You have the right to be forgotten. All these features have been built at an early stage. We do not collect any data that we do not use to enhance the user experience inside the App. Data is used in specific functionality or features of the app.

On why India is Truecaller’s biggest market

India was quicker in getting smartphones. Recent developments such as better data connectivity and 4G being more accessible than many more markets contributed to this. Also, there is a huge career opportunity, growth opportunity, for app developers as well as consumers to connect with internet.

On who he draws inspiration from

A lot of business leaders from Sweden that have nothing to do with tech or start-ups are a source of inspiration to us. But when you speak to them you realise they’re on a totally different level and you have so much more to learn. It’s important to stay close to them and learn as much as possible.

Truecaller is not for sale

We don’t intend on selling the company. We have a very unique position here in India. No one is solving the problems that we’re solving, and we’re very committed to continuing solving these problems, striving towards building this platform and creating more value for our users.

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