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Digital workspace is a term that is increasingly being talked about in the corporate world. The best way to explain it is by looking at the traditional workspace that we are all very familiar with. Most employees have an office PC and a home PC.

Chennai: Similarly, an average employee at a company will have an official mobile phone provided by the company. He or she will most definitely also have a personal mobile phone. The annoying thing about this is that there is a distinction between what is work and what is personal. One is expected to do work only on the office PC. Consequently, all the applications and software that are required for work is loaded only on that. This forces the employee to go to the office to finish a certain task.

Unfortunately, that’s not the way an average person works. People want flexibility to finish a task, immaterial of where the person sits — in the office or a hotel room in a different city. This is where digital workspace comes in and I was intrigued to learn more. I sat down with Sanjay Deshmukh, Head of End-user Computing at VMware Asia Pacific & Japan, to understand how we can benefit from this latest trend. He mentioned that digital workspace offers three clear advantages: simplicity, consistency and security.

Simplicity: Just like how Google helps us to access all its properties such as YouTube, Gmail or Docs with just a single username and password, a digital workspace makes it very easy to access multiple applications. It recognises the person to be a valid user of the company and gives easy access without the need to authenticate multiple times.

Consistency: The person has access to all important software, applications and information resources immaterial of what devices the person users — PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. This is a great development because the person can now access the information via any device from any place. Digital workspace will authorize the access after proper checking and thus give seamless working experience. This unshackles a person from the cubicles of an office and gives freedom and flexibility.

Security: The third advantage that a digital workspace offers is security. We have heard of cases of cyberattacks; if you look at the root cause analysis, it shows that some of the machines were not patched with the right level of data security and there was a vulnerability. That’s a big problem in the traditional workspace. The digital workspace soles this because it is secured with more modern technology, without impacting the user experience. So, in summary, every company accepts these fact is the future and it’s a great way to empower employees.

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