Get Linkedin SSI Score of 90

As a social media professional, I have been a proactive user of social media platforms. I was one of India’s earliest bloggers. When Facebook opened up, I was among the earliest users to sign up. The same with most popular social networks including Linkedin. However, I have only used Linkedin as a glorified resume. I’m guilty of not using this powerful professional network. In 2020, I want to change that. I want to actively start writing on Linkedin and use it to connect with other professionals. I want to establish myself as a thought leader in the digital excellence space. One good way to quantifying my presence is to measure my Linkedin Social Selling Index. Currently, its a tad below 70.  That’s below average. And an absolute shame of a number for a social media consultant and professor of digital marketing. I’ve set myself a target of crossing the score of 90 in 2020. I look forward to embracing this challenge.

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