A quaint little home with wooden pillars, red tiles and extra large windows. Now place that home right in the middle of a nine acre farm surrounded by greenery! Like what you see? That’s where you will be staying. The charm of staying in a quiet farm is a welcome change from the fast-paced city life.


All the participants will be staying together in the farm house. It will dorm style. The facilities will be sparse but comfortable.

We will be living off-grid. This means that we won’t have electricity. We will have to rewind a century ago and live like how the farmers then lived. No Fans. No AC. No TV. No Newspapers. It won’t be comfortable at first but it will be an experience you will not forget in a long time. Early to bed and early to rise will be our motto. Activities begin even before sunrise.


Vegetables will be fresh from the farms in our village. Some will be from our own farm. The joy of plucking and unrooting vegetables and taking them to the kitchen table is something to be experienced.


While we will have a cook from the village to help us with the cooking, we will also be doing group community cooking. Yes, it will be us who will plan on the menu, cut the vegetables and prepare the meals. Great way to bond.

and Cost

The cost is Rs.4500. It covers the workshop, materials, stay for 3 nights & 2 days, all meals, Pick up & drop from Tindivanam and local visit to other farms