Here is a sampling of the inspiring Olympians and their remarkable stories that will be covered in this book.

Billy Mills: An unknown athlete beats World Record Holder to win the 10,000 meters race at Tokyo 1964 Olympics..  Amazing finish.

Jamaica Bobsled Team : The inspiring story of how a team from a tropical country competed in a Winter Olympics event.

Lawrence Lemieux : The touching story of how this yachtsman left his silver medal chance to rescue the lives of two fallen sailors.

Masahiko Harada : The gut-wrenching story of this Japanese Ski jumper overcame the demons of continuous defeats to take his team to gold.

Hidecki Hoketsu: A story that teaches you are never too old to compete. Here is a 71 years old rider who rides a horse that is the human equivalent of 63 years.

Wilma Rudolph: Prematurely born, this girl had infant paralysis, scarlet fever, whooping cough, chickenpox, and measles. Overcame all that to win 3 gold medals in athletics.

Greg Louganis : Diver who hurt his head and then went on to win the Gold with stitches in his head.

Derek Redmond and his father: Touching story of a father & son relationship and how you eventually succeed in life when you never give up.

Jesse Owens: At 1936 Olympics, an African American proved the powerful Nazi regime wrong by winning gold medals.

Karoly Takacs: Astonishing story of a shooter who loses his right hand in a grenade attack and then goes on to win Olympic medals by shooting with his left hand!

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