A cosy, comfortable compact farmstay in the middle of a lush green 13-acre organic farm.

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PICO is a cute, cosy, compact farmhouse with a small footprint of just 400 sq.ft. It is self-contained with a rather large work desk, two sleeping lofts, a full-fledged kitchen, indoor-outdoor shower, a mandala kitchen garden and fantastic views of green fields. It has lots of windows that let in natural light and fresh breeze. Pico can comfortably sleep 6 people. It is situated inside a food forest, nestled among fruit trees, next to a pond. It is situated in the middle of Vaksana Farms, a beautiful 13-acre organic farm in rural Tamilnadu, India.


Pricing details

Weekends :
Original price: Rs.8000.
Reduced price: Rs.6000

Original price: Rs.6000
Reduced price: Rs.4000


How can I book a stay at Pico, the big tiny farmhouse?

Please visit Select if you want to stay for a day, two days or a week. And you can make the payment online. It only takes a minute.

Is there a video of the farmhouse I can watch before I decide to book?

Yes, you can watch this 3 minute video which shows all the aspects of the farmhouse.

We also encourage you to watch this 8 minutes documentary on Vaksana Farms.

What is the cost?

We have just opened and we are offering an early bird costing for August and September. It is just Rs.3000 per day for the stay.

How do we manage food?

You have the option of cooking on your own. We have a semi-furnished kitchen. If you want food, we can prepare at home and provide it. It is Rs.500 per day per person.

Do you offer long term rental?

Yes, we do. The farmhouse is ideal for workcation, authoring a book or just for relaxing. The clean air, open spaces, green fields do wonders for your body. Please call Kiruba at 9841597744 for discounted pricing for long stays.

What is NOT allowed in the farmhouse?

Alcohol and smoking are not allowed at the farmhouse. We believe that a farm is a place for rejuvenation and we want to encourage our guests to lead a healthy lifestyle while staying at the farm.

What are the activities one can do during the stay?

Vaksana farms is a working farm and there are lots of activities that happen on a daily basis. We encourage you to get involved in any activity of your choice. It is a great way to experience first-hand farm life and this will be a memory you will cherish for a long time. Be it milking a cow, feeding the dogs, fertilizing the plants or harvesting the fruits, there are enough and more farm activities to get busy with.

What are the amenities available?

The most important amenity is WiFi and we have a high-speed Internet connection. The village does have frequent power cuts but we have an inverter that gives uninterrupted power. The farmhouse has an AC on the ground floor. The washing machine, fridge, water heater, hairdryer are all at the farmhouse.

What are interesting places to visit nearby?

The famous Mailam temple is about 10 km away. The old historic forts of Chenji (Gingee) are about half-hour drive away. Auroville and Pondicherry are about an hour’s drive from the farm.

Who runs this farmhouse?

The farm is run by Kiruba and Sujani along with their daughters Krithya and Kalpitha. Kiruba’s parents are the backbone of the farm and take care of day to day operations.

How tiny is the Tinyhouse?

Its footprint is just around 400 sqft. There are two sleeping lofts with each around 100 sqft each. Pico might look small from the outside but it’s surprisingly spacious inside.

Is this Tinyhouse on Wheels?

Nope. It’s built on a foundation. While the concept of tiny houses was born for mobility, I wanted a permanent structure at the farm.

What is the purpose of building the Tiny farmhouse?

There has been a lot of requests for people to stay at the farm. This farmhouse was primarily built as an AirBnB place. It will also double up as a place for volunteers at the farm to come to stay. We will also be conducting workshops at the farm and this will be the place where the participants can stay.

How did you arrive at the design?

By looking at over 500 videos on YouTube. we carefully gleaned different design elements and layouts we liked and pieced together our dream place.

Is this farmhouse off-grid?

Nope, it’s not. It’s connected to regular power. In addition to a flushable toilet, we have a compost toilet which brings in a little semblance to off-grid living.

Will the tiny farmhouse be on AirBnB?

Yes, definitely. We are going through the verification process and it will soon be featured on AirBnB.

I would like to help with this project? What sort of help do you need?

That’s super nice of you. The best way to help is by booking a slot to stay at the tiny farmhouse. This will be a boost of encouragement. We encourage you to follow the Facebook page of Vaksana Farms on FB and Instagram.

Where is the farmhouse located?

Pico is located in the middle of a beautiful 13-acre organic farm. The farm is in Rettanai, a remote village in Tamilnadu. It’s 130 kms from Chennai and 17 kms from Tindivanam, the nearest town.

Why did you choose to build a tiny house instead of a regular-sized home?

The primary reason is the budget. I wanted to build a cosy home without having to take housing loans. Second, I have always loved a small cosy home and have been absolutely smitten by Tinyhouses online.

How many people can the Tinyhouse accommodate?

The farmhouse can comfortably sleep six people. Two people on each loft. Two on sofa cum bed on the ground floor with beautiful views of the garden.

That many? In such a small space? Seriously?

Yup, no kidding. That’s the beauty of the design. The Tinyhouse is perfect for families.

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It’s very easy to book your stay at Pico. Just click this link, choose your stay option and pay. It’s that simple. Please feel free to call Kiruba at 9841597744 for any queries.


+91 9841597744