Entreprenuership is increasingly becoming big in India. However, there aren’t many events that allow entrepreneurs to showcase the working prototypes for the world. Here comes PROTO to fill that void. In this episode, we learn more about the event that aims to bring entreprenuers, VCs and technology folks together on a single platform. It’s planned for December 9-10, 2006. The website, www.proto.in, is still under construction.

The event is from the stable of The Knowlege Foundation, a non-for-profit group run by a set of very enthusiastic and passionate technology folks. One amongst them is Vijay Anand and we will be speaking with him about PROTO.

An entrepreneur from India, Vijay has extensive experience in kickstarting companies. He has been the founder of CompuWorld Software Solutions, NullScape Softwares and Ottawa-based LeadStep Technologies.Your Profile

With a background in software engineering and interests in technology and business, he carries with himself the passion to help drive companies that are entering the technological domain here in India and around the world.



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