Did you know that India hosts one of the world’s largest FOSS events? Yes, that’s right. FOSS.IN, which stands for Free and Open Source Software India, is one of the world’s largest and most focused open source events. It’s held annually in India.

Over the years, it has attracted thousands of participants, and the speaker roster reads like a “Who’s Who” of FOSS contributors from around the world. This year, the event, in its sixth year, will be held in Bangalore from November 24-26. In this podcast, we speak to the man who has been one of the key figures behind the event.

Atul Chitnis is senior vice president of technology at Geodesic and lives in Bangalore, India. Arguably one of India’s best known technologists, Atul has been at the forefront of India’s technology evolution since the 1980s and the main force behind FOSS.in.


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