It’s not often you come across a company where the CEO does not have a corner office but has the same setup as a trainee developer. I was pleasantly surprised that the ThoughtWorks office has an open and innovative culture — something that’s not too common in India. The fact that they played a good host to BarCampers over the weekend is a good testimony to that.

The credit goes to Rohit Bansal, director of delivery at ThoughtWorks Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. Rohit is the subject of this interview, where he talks about what ThoughtWorks does and how it aims to be more than just another software arm of an international IT company.

He joined ThoughtWorks in the U.S. in 1999 as a technology consultant. He spent most of his time working with mostly Silicon Valley startup companies in the Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) space.

With the intention of promoting the Indian IT industry, he returned to India and set up ThoughtWorks’ Indian operations at Bangalore with an initial headcount of 10. He has played multiple roles in ThoughtWorks India, from MD – India Operations to director, Delivery. He has played an important role in helping ThoughtWorks India, grow to its current size and making it the most strategic entity within ThoughtWorks – the global organization.

ThoughtWorks India now has grown to 180 people with a new facility in Pune this year. Apart from this, Rohit is passionately involved in various NGO activities.


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