Hack Days seems to be the in-thing amongst developers. The 24-hour coding challenge has caught the fancy of the tech community which is looking for various ways to make work more interesting.

Barely a few weeks after Yahoo conducted its much publicized public Hack Day, Sabre Labs is holding one for its employees here in India. Jay Fichialos flew in from the U.S. to India to help coordinate the hack day at Sabre’s Bangalore office.

Jay Fichialos is a community and technology liaison for Sabre Labs, in Southlake, Texas, where he leads research on where online communities and travel intersect. Most recently he has been guiding the development of Bambora.com a social networking site for travelers, and promoting Hack Day innovation events at Sabre.

Jay’s professional interests include information visualization, designing for experience, and social change through technology. He’s an avid supporter of the BarCamp movement, and has helped organize a number of the events.


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