Rohit Agarwal is the founder and CEO of techTribe Networks, a software company that enables current and future professionals to connect with others to enhance their careers.

Rohit recently co-authored a book along with Patricia Brown, titled, How Innovators Connect.

“How Innovators Connect” is an attempt to showcase innovation through the experiences of more than 40 successful innovators in Silicon Valley and India. Innovation is a process that demands connectivity, and cannot be performed in a vacuum. Based on numerous conversations, the authors discovered that each of the successful innovators shared connectivity traits. Although they all had different approaches, there were common sets of principles. The book explores the core principles of connectivity that form a framework for innovation, and contains learning from:

Jawad Ansari (Miven Ventures), Jan Baan (Baan, Cordys), Eric Billingsley (eBay), Marc Benioff (, Drew Clark (IBM), Gururaj “Desh” Deshpande (Sycamore), Tom Erickson (Systinet), Stuart Evans (Cambridge University), Ashish Gupta (Junglee), Umang Gupta (Keynote, Gupta Corp.), Mark Hanny (IBM), Dan Harden (FrogDesign, Whipsaw), Mark Hoffman (CommerceOne, Sybase), James Hong (HOTorNOT), Bradley Horowitz (Yahoo), Subrah Iyer (WebEx), Kiran Karnik (NASSCOM), Guy Kawasaki (Apple), Emmett B. Keefe III (iRise), Jerry Kennelly (Riverbed), Joe Kraus (Excite, JotSpot), Audrey MacLean (NET), Phaneesh Murthy (iGate), Ram Mynampati (Satyam), Mark Lewis (EMC), M.R. Rangaswami (Sand Hill Group), Rajeev Samant (Sula Wines), Manoj Saxena (Webify, Exterprise), Ram Shriram (Google), Ashmeet Sidana (Foundation Capital), Vishal Sikka (SAP), David Skok (Silverstream), Louis Teto (Taleo), and many more.

For Rohit, the book is not a commercial effort, but part of his passion for spreading the message of innovation in India.


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