Jamison Young is a full-time artist who has refused to sign up with big record labels. Instead, he believes in giving away his music for free using Creative Commons, and that has surprisingly helped him sell more records. Now, this may sound contradictory but Jamison says that by giving away your music for free downloads, it vastly increases the number of people who listen to your music and they in turn refer to their friends. This spreads word about the album and quite a few of them buy the album off the store shelves. This is actually a good technique to give a fighting chance against the most established artists.

Jamison has written, sung, produced and marketed his own album, called Shifting Sands of the Blue Car, the music for which is freely available for download on his website and at MySpace.

Jamison is an Australian now living Europe. Over the past year, he has performed in Australia, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Thailand, Switzerland and the U.S.

Jamison launched a new project called Hungry Artists Feed Hungry People, with portion of the sales proceeds going to help poor people in third world countries.


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