21 Mar 2007

Proteans’ Sudhakar Gorti on Software Product Outsourcing

Sudhakar Gorti is a co-founder and CEO of Proteans Software Solutions, an outsourcing company based in Bangalore that focuses on product development using Microsoft technologies like .NET. In this interview, Sudhakar talks about opportunities in outsourced software product development and how his company created a niche in this segment.

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19 Mar 2007

Pramati Technologies Founder Jay Pullur, on Dekoh

Jay Pullur is the founder and CEO of Pramati Technologies. Here, he discusses how he set out on his entrepreneurial path with Pramati, and the company’s latest desktop platform product, Dekoh, recently featured on TechCrunch.

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13 Mar 2007

Arun Natarajan on the Indian Investment Ecosystem

Arun Natarajan is the founder and CEO of Venture Intelligence, a provider of information and networking services to the private equity and venture capital ecosystem in India.

Arun writes the Venture Intelligence India blog, covering entrepreneurship, business and venture capital industry trends.

In this conversation, he discusses the business model behind Venture Intelligence, the investment climate in India and the need for analysis of VC and private equity investments there.


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06 Mar 2007

Syed Razik Discusses Activities of The Knowledge Foundation

Syed Razik is an investor and entrepreneur. He is a director at Mecosoft, Fuente and Numeric Fuente.

Syed is part of a passionate group of people who founded The Knowledge Foundation, a not-for-profit organization that consists of technologists, entrepreneurs, professionals and artisans from across India who are driven by the need to organize world class conferences, seminars and workshops.

The Knowledge Foundation group has several big events to their credit including BarCampChennai, BlogCamp, and WikiCamp.

In this interview, Syed talks about the mission and objectives of The Knowledge Foundation and the various events, unconferences conducted by the organization so far.

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02 Mar 2007

Bhaskar Sayyaparaju of Sify on WiMax in India

Bhaskar Sayyaparaju joined Sify in August 2006 as chief technology officer. Sify Ltd. is one of the largest ISP’s in India and they recently launched WiMAX here.

Bhaskar talks about the advantages offered by WiMAX, and reasons why WiMAX will become a successful technology. He also shares Sify’s plan for the future and its competition with ISP’s and telecom companies.

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