The Writers’ Retreat

Writers’ Retreat is a getaway for authors to help focus on their writing. The goal of the Writing Retreat is to provide a supportive and free environment for passionate, self-directed writers to get their mojo back and finish their book.

This retreat will offer a break from the daily distractions that have hindered your writing. Think of it as a break to devote to your book. You will be writing at a secluded farm house that is in the middle of a 9 acre farm in a beautiful little village.

The Writers’ Retreat is facilitated by Kiruba Shankar who himself is in the midst of authoring his fifth book. He has realized that writing can be lonesome and it’s always nice to have encouraging company to rejuvenate one’s interest in writing.

Who is this meant for?

Writers’ Retreat is meant for authors who are currently working on their book. This retreat is also ideal for screenwriters, composers, journalists and poets.


What are the advantages?

Quiet Time

There are dedicated hours called ‘Quiet Time’ in mornings, afternoons and evenings where everyone just focuses on their writing. There is no talking during this time in order to let writers really get into their writing zone. During social hours, people can hobnob, discuss and have fun.

No Distractions

Every writer needs space. A place away from work, chores, family and other distractions. In the middle of a farm in the remote village of Rettanai, that space is waiting for you.

Feedback Sessions

This is optional. If you so wish, you can seek feedback from fellow authors. It’s an opportunity to get constructive help on your content, story, style, technique, and overall feel.

Great Company

Writing is a lonely affair, and it helps to share your words with others. You will have the company of other writers who are determined to finish their book. You will benefit from a shared sense of purpose.

What will this retreat do for you?


At the Writers’ Retreat at Vaksana Farms, you can expect to:

  • Get a fresh boost to your writing and get closer to getting your book out.
  • Put away excuses for not writing
  • Develop a concrete plan for establishing a writing practice
  • Embrace the process of writing, including crappy drafts and giving yourself permission to clock in the words everyday.
  • Establish writing goals and a clear plan for fulfilling them

What will the ambience provide?


  • An open, safe and grounded environment in which to share your writing hopes, dreams, fears, and questions
  • A comfortable, secluded setting at the greenish Vaksana Farms where the magic of nature will help to entice and enliven your writing flow
  • Strong and clear guidance from the perspective of experienced writers and bestselling authors with extensive publishing track records
  • Powerful opportunities to connect with yourself and nature through special activities such as meditation, yoga, walking, games and fireside discussions under the stars.




The retreat takes place at a beautiful little farmhouse in the middle of Vaksana Farms, a 9 acre farm. This is located in the village of Rettanai, about 3 hours drive from Chennai.



The retreat is planned on March 13, 14 & 15. (Friday, Saturday and Sunday).
We advise people to drop in preferably on 12th night so that we can have an early morning start on 13th. The even concludes at 4pm on 14th, Sunday.



The investment is Rs.3500 + taxes. This takes care of the following:
Dorm-style accommodation for three days. Breakfast, Coffee & Snacks, Lunch, Evening Tiffen, and Dinner on all days. Group activities and mini-workshops.


What I'm really looking for is some time and space to write. Are the group discussions and activities required?

Not at all. Everything is optional, so if you want to hunker down and just write, that’s just fine by us. That said, all the workshops and activities promise to feed to muse and offer a nice balance to the time spent at work.

I’m a beginner and writing my first book. Is that okay?

Absolutely. Infact, this is highly recommended for beginners as this will be a wonderful chance for you to discuss and take advice from other writers.

Is this a workshop where I can learn how to write?

Nope. This is not a workshop. This is only for writers who join together to focus on their writing. If you are seeking help on authoring a book, check out this Authoring Workshop that we hold on September 7, 8 & 9, 2015.

How do I get to the venue?

Vaksana Farms is about 3.5 hours from Chennai and about an hour from Pondicherry. You will find detailed directions here.

What kind of food is served?

We serve farm-fresh vegetarian food. Breakfast, lunch and tiffen are served. Dinner is a group cooking affair where the participants cook together. This is a fun group activity and always a joyous occasion.

What time does the Writers’ Retreat start and end?

We advice people to preferably drop in on Thursday (March 13th) night so that we can get an early morning on Friday. The event closes at 4pm on Sunday (March 15th) so that it gives time for people to drive back to the city.


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