The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.

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A Bag of Gold

Today, I got a bag of coins. Precious Ten rupee coins. The Madras Advertising Club, where I teach Online Advertising, paid my honorarium of Rs.1000 in Ten rupee coins. In these times of #Demonetization, it sure felt like a bag of gold! 

16 Nov 16

10 Steps I Take to Truly Benefit From a Book. 
10 Steps I Take to Truly Benefit From a Book. 

An important lesson I’ve learned is that reading a book only makes sense if you can put the learnings into action. Earlier I would focus on finishing a book. (which I admit is a task in itself). Once I finish a book, a sense of relief comes over. I take a few days break before I start reading another book. What use is the book…

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13 Oct 16

Today starts my annual pilgrimage to BIM Trichy (Bharathidasan Institute of Management), one of India’s leading B-Schools. This is my 4th year here and I teach Digital & Social Media Marketing for the final year students. Look forward to a fun-filled, action-packed days of teaching and learning.

08 Jul 15