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Video Profile of Abhash Kumar, Head of Marketing at FactorDaily

The guy who excelled in telling other’s stories now gets his story told…and how! Excellent video profile of Abhash Kumar, Head of Marketing at FactorDaily and earlier the Head of Digital Marketing and Growth at YourStory. I first met Abhash at the Book Authoring Workshop that I conducted at my farm. I loved his passion for content and importantly building readership. This video also reaffirms my belief in the power of videos in effective storytelling.

The Food Forest Crowdfunding Update

Thank you for your contributions and heartfelt support for the Food Forest Project. We have collected Rs.28,200 so far. The amount will be used for buying fruit saplings and these will be planted starting this Sunday and over the coming weeks.

This amount will help cover part of the Rs.6 lakhs expenses that will take to afforest the 7 acres of the farm over the next two years. The majority of the expense is setting up the drip irrigation, manuring, mulching, and labour.

The Rain Gods helped as well and the farm received a decent rain yesterday after a gap of 3 scorching months. What a wonderful coincidence! This is easily the most meaningful birthday I have had. Thank you for making it special.

Beautiful Poster on Mistakes

It was wonderful to see this poster at a school I spoke at recently. When mistakes are not frowned upon, it encourages kids to boldly try new things. That’s when growth happens. 

Election Time for my Daughter

It’s election time at my daughters’ school. My elder daughter, Krithya, has been nominated for the Vice-Captain’s post for one of the four houses. 

They need to campaign and convince their school mates on why they need to vote for her. Interesting to see her plan her strategies and her publicity plans. Nice way to inculcate leadership. 

Crowdfunding My Birthday Gift: A Food Forest.

Today is my birthday. And I wanted this to be meaningful. I’m committing to convert 7 acres of my 13-acre farm into a Food Forest, like the one you see in the photo. Can you help contribute Rs.200 for this cause? I will name the fruit tree after you. Thank you in advance for helping create a green lung. https://imjo.in/cpZYWF

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