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Sign of a True Professional

The invitation card to a big wedding of a prominent business family proudly mentioned that the famed carnatic singer, Sudha Ragunathan, would be performing at the wedding.

When I landed at the venue, I was not surprised at the massive hall or the huge turnout of people. That was to be expey. What I was surprised though was that most of the audience did not care to listen to this multiple national award winning artist.

It’s understandable because people come to marriages to wish the couple and catch up with long lost relatives. Not for a carnatic music concert.

That said, I was impressed with the intensity with which Sudha Ragunathan and her troupe performed. She didn’t care if anyone was actually listening to her rendition. She was absorbed in her own world and giving it her best. She was performing for herself. That’swhen external factors don’t dictate your performance. That’s a sign of a true professional.

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Fresh Bales of Hay for the Cows at Vaksana Farms

With severe summer and lack of rains, there is no grass for our cows to graze here at Vaksana Farms. Hence, we are forced to buy hay which becomes the main source of food for them. The hay is exorbitantly priced as the demand is high and supply is low. Thankfully a friend of my Dad recently harvested paddy and he donated a van load of hay for the cows. Bless his heart.

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Professional Speakers Bootcamp in Goa

The Professional Speakers Association of India is the country’s apex body that brings together all the professional speakers across India and helps them in improving their business of speaking. As part of the continuous learning attitude, we have initiated a Professional Speakers Bootcamp, a 3-day intensive, hands-on workshop to help the professional speakers to prepare a world-class keynote, deliver the keynote with impact and market the keynote globally.

We particularly chose Goa because it’s a neutral venue that is easily accessible to folks across India and the place definitely has the oomph factor. It is also a great place to bond with each other and helps build camaraderie. The dates are July 26, 27 & 28. The venue is The Heritage Village & Spa, a boutique resort in south Goa that is known for its aloofness from the touristy crowds. This will help us focus deeply on improving our craft and business of speaking. If you are a professional speaker who is passionate about elevating your speaking career, please get in touch with me or Sivakumar Palaniappan, the chief initiator of this event. You can reach him at

And oh, here’s what the resort looks like.

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OrangeScape Launches Digital Workplace Product

Kudos to Suresh Sambandam and Team OrangeScape for the launch of their new Digital Workplace product. I’ve been privileged to know the senior members of the company and love how they have a #GlobalMindset and keep coming up with world-class products. Their new digital workplace product is a unified platform that will now harness the power of project management, process automation and team collaboration — making it easier than ever for organizations to manage all types of work. More info at

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Answering Questions on Digital Media at

Going LIVE on to answer questions on career in Digital Media. Here are some of the questions I will be touching upon in this one hour interaction.

1) What is digital media?

2) Why is it important?

3) Where can I study digital media? Any recommendation of physical and virtual courses?

4) What kind of jobs can one expect to get in digital marketing?

5) What are the salaries and future scope?

6) E-commerce is booming around the world. Why is it so?

7) I’m NOT a computer science person. Do I still need to learn digital marketing?

8) What are the digital marketing certifications that you would recommend?

9) I keep hearing about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Can you please explain what these are?

10) How can I help improve my personal branding online? What specific tips should I follow?

11) I want to stay my own online business. How do I go about doing this.

12) What books would you recommend for me learn about digital marketing and e-commerce?

13) How did you get interested in digital? What has been your career journey?

14) Would you advice to do internship in digital marketing even when I’m study in school/college?

15) What are the negative things about digital media and how to avoid them?

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Get Video Smart with Julian Mather

Julian Mather’s talk was among my favorites at the Asia Professional Speakers Convention in Singapore. He spoke on the power of videos and why your smartphone is the only equipment you will need. This is coming from a guy who was a cameraman  with National Geographic, Discovery Channel, BBC and worked with state of art cameras. Now, he says he only carries his smartphone. That’s quite a testimony for this small device. He has authored a book titled, ‘Get Video Smart’ and has been gracious enough to give it away for free. Please take the time to get it at You can thank me later.

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Planners Vs Finishers

Don’t tell me what you are planning. Tell me what you have finished.

These words stuck a deep chord in me. It’s easy to talk about an idea. Its that much more difficult to execute that idea. That’s precisely why the world respects people who are finishers. Not planners. This is an insight to be taken strongly.

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How Professional Speakers can get More Speaking Gigs: The HR Route.

If you asked professional speakers what the biggest challenge is, you will get a standard answer. And that is to get qualified paid speaking gigs. So, when I interview successful global speakers for my ‘Global Speaker Podcast’, I’m always intrigued by how they manage to get so many speaking gigs. I started to find a pattern. I notice that Learning & Development departments and Human Resources Departments are rich sources of speaking gigs. You see, L&D depts and HR depts are given a certain budget every year to spend for the betterment of their employees. They are mandated to spend and are constantly looking for good trainers and speakers to help provide value. So, the key thing to note is to find out what value are HR & L&D heads looking for and if professional speakers can offer that, then its a good win-win scenario. That is why for this month’s learning session of the Professional Speakers Association of India, we decided to get the Founder President of the Maldives Association of Human Resource Professionals, Afeef Hussain, to share his thoughts. He is a perfect fit because he is both a speaker and an HR professional. He can bring perspectives from both the portfolios. Make sure to sign in today on Zoom call to hear Afeef explain how professional speakers can get more speaking gigs.

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