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The Long Weekend Planner

I always wanted a long weekend planner to plan my getaways to the farm well in advance and finally found a good one. 

This one is by Sterling Holidays and is an excellent example of good content marketing. The only important yardstick to measure is it’s usefulness and this scores high. 

The Reason Why I agreed to Burn Things at the Farm

I don’t believe in burning things. I’m of the during belief that any wooden matter can be composted and is of rich nutrient value. If that’s the case, then why did I agree to have things burned? 

Here’s why. Many folks work barefeet at the farm and this can be of discomfort to the farm workers. One look at my own slippers showed over 20 thorns drilled into the sole. Would I want them in my feet instead?! The answer was simple enough.

Picked Saplings for the Food Forest 

Picked 104 saplings from a nursery today.  54 fruit tree 🌲 saplings for the Food Forest project. Almond, Gooseberry (Nellika), Pomegranate, Guava, Jackfruit, Java Plum (Naval pazham). 50 bamboo saplings for the living fence to protect the farm.

Work Productivity Workshop

Conducted a collaborative & interactive workshop on Work Productivity. The participants were heads of all departments at NotionPress, the book publishing company. 
I love the unconference methodology because the team gets to open up on problem areas, growth opportunities and the best part is that they put their heads together to suggest solutions and strategies for implementing them. The team committing to ideas and solutions on their own is far more powerful than an external person telling them what they need to do.
I peppered the event with fun activities as a way to infuse in energy. We ended the event with everyone committing to areas of improvement for their team as well as themselves. We recorded these on audio as a reminder for the team and will be useful to gauge them when we reconvene next week for the second half of the workshop. Eagerly look forward.

Miss the M&B Regatta at Madras Rowing Club

Yesterday was the finals of the Merchants & Bankers Regatta at the Madras Rowing Club. I wish I had known this earlier and would surely have been there. The Rowing Sport is very special to me. It taught me the beauty and power of team work. Had the privilege of captaining an amazing team where we went on to win a record breaking number of championship titles in the century and half history of the club. Such a beautiful sport. Such fond memories of camaraderie and sportsmanship spirit. 

(Photo courtesy: Muthu Rajamani)

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