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In conversation with VMWare’s Bruce Davie

With the hue and cry about data security, Kiruba Shankar spoke to an expert to clear some things up

Kiruba Shankar spoke to Bruce Davie, CTO, VMWare, Asia Pacific & Japan in Mumbai, about ongoing conversation about data security and where we go from here. Watch the video for the full interview. Below are some excerpts:

How can companies secure their own data and that of their customers?

We’ve been pushing the idea of least privilege which is an old computer science idea. The idea is any system or user should only get access to only the set of resources that it needs to do its job. We should have very small but well-defined network segments and not have a wide set of different systems that are connected to each other.

Why do you think some of the companies are lagging when it comes to digital transformation?

There needs to be a shift from viewing digital technology as some kind of backroom function to bringing digital technology to the forefront. Make it part of your business even if your business is not part of digital technology. This is the kind of shift you need to be thinking about driven by a willingness to change in organisational culture in order to keep the business innovative and competitive.

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