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September 11, 2013
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Making Facebook Posts Attractive

There are many of us who are constant Facebook users. We have more friends online that we do in real life. As a Social Media consultant, I’m always curious about our behavior online and how people respond. One particular interest is to find out what kind of Facebook posts attracts the most engagement. I’m talking about posts which get the maximum likes, comments and shares. Here my observation and tips.

70% of Content is visual:
Facebook gives very high emphasis for photos and videos. About 70% of content that you see on your timeline are photos and videos. Even if you want to make a textual update, see if you can add a relevant photo to it.

Single Photo is better than albums:
I’ve noticed that a single photo seems to attract better likes and comments rather than an album with multiple photos. If you do have more photos, then make sure to add a description to each photo.

Ideal Post Length:
Facebook posts with about 50 words receive 60% more likes than longer posts. So, make sure to keep them short and to the point.

Use call-to-action words:
When you your post, what action do you want your readers to perform? Words like ‘Click Like’ or ‘Share this story’ gets at least 5 times better results.

Time Your Posts:
The maximum exposure for our post happens in the first one hour. So, its important to time your update. The best time to update is around 9am for businesses. If you are a student, then 8pm works very well.

Tell personal stories:
Write incidents in your life the same way you would narrate it to friends while sitting in a coffee shop. Just be your natural self online and you will do just great.