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Kabali teaser stumps with more likes than views



The ‘Rajinikanth’ phenomenon is such that the teaser video of the Superstar’s upcoming film that was released on YouTube on Sunday had three times as many likes as the number of views on the video-sharing site.


The teaser to Rajinikanth’s much-awaited Kabali launched on producer ‘Kalaipuli’ S Thanu’s official YouTube channel on Sunday morning garnered as many as 53,134 views within an hour of its release. However, viewers noticed something strange when the same video had thrice the number of likes –151,648 to be specific. Hardcore fans were convinced that it was Rajini’s ‘super’ powers that caused the skewed ratio between views and likes, which almost gave rise to a new set of memes.

However, techies dispelled the myth shortly when they clarified that such instances were not new. Kiruba Shankar, a social media expert from Chennai tells us, “The reason why the number of likes is more than the number of views for a video is because YouTube updates the likes and dislikes count instantly. So the number you see is accurate. However, the view count is updated at different intervals. So the Kabali teaser showed more than 150K likes while the views were stuck at 50K. It’s because of the slow server update. The actual numbers are displayed within a day’s time.” Fans ripped the soundtrack from the trailer, turning it into ringtones soon.

Vijay Andrews, a Rajini fan, who has even made a fan-teaser of the film, says, “The official teaser is impressive and brings back Rajini’s charm from the 80s and 90s. One scene where he walks in his trademark style, gave me goosebumps.” At the time of going to print, the teaser had garnered more than 20 lakh views.