18 Sep 2006

PodView – The Kiruba Show An interview with Rajesh Setty

In this edition, I have a conversation with Rajesh Setty, a Silicon Valley-based tech entrepreneuer who stands out brilliantly for his leadership and his varied interests.

Rajesh currently serves as the president of Foresight Plus. He is also the chairman of CIGNEX Technologies, which he founded in 2000 (and seen grow by 250 percent every year).

Rajesh is a popular invited speaker and an author. He recently published a book called Life Beyond Code – Learn to distinguish yourself in 9 simple ways. He targets this book especially for IT professionals and how they can raise themselves from the crowd and be remarkable.

I recently got to read his book and was impressed with its simplicity. He had obviously distilled 10 years of experiences and put them neatly in a book that can be finished in 3 hours.

What caught my attention was his well-maintained blog (here) and how he effectively uses it to author his future books. Every blog entry contributes to a part of his upcoming book. I had always wanted to author a book myself and this novel approach impressed me.

In this interview, Rajesh talks about many things that would not only be inspirational but also very useful. Listen on.

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