June 21, 2017

Elon Musk on Thriving during Failure

This five minute video compiled from the ’60 Minutes’ program brilliantly traces Elon Musk’s tryst with failure several times. Elon explains what makes him take up […]
August 7, 2013

Best-Selling Author Scott Berkun’s Biggest Mistakes

Scott Berkun is a best-selling author and a professional speaker. He has worked at Microsoft for 9 years and with Automattic, the Creators of WordPress. Scott […]
August 7, 2009

Not Taking Quick Decisions is a Mistake

Biggest mistake? Everyone  of my mistakes has come from not taking a decision quickly and at the right time. Whenever I have moved decisively and done […]
August 7, 2009

One Must Respect Competing Views

I really don’t know what to  single out as a big mistake or failure. I think for me, personally,  its always about trying to understand other […]
August 7, 2009

Only One Cook Can Cook the Best Soup

 I learnt my biggest lesson when in my previous company, I actually  combined two brands  into one as a way of synergizing them. In a quest to  cut […]
August 7, 2009

Sree Shanth Ho Gaya

Most of the time everybody gets small failures. I think for me, the period when i was not able to play because of a hamstring injury […]
August 7, 2009

The Day I Almost Hired a Terrorist

Paul Taylor, president of Environmental Solutions & Services, Inc., Urbana, Ill., can relate. “Since starting our business in 1995, my biggest mistakes have always involved hiring […]
August 7, 2009

To Grout or or Not to Grout

Unfortunately, sometimes mistakes come with costly consequences. That’s why Bill Friske, CBSE, president, Friske Building Maintenance Co. (FBMC), Livonia, Mich., does not hesitate to tell this […]
August 7, 2009

I Let My Ego Get in the Way

Paul Greenland, president of Aetna Building Maintenance in Columbus, Ohio, believes his biggest mistake was letting his ego get in the way of servicing a frustrating […]

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