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Hi! Good to see you show interest in the ‘My Mistake’ Project.

There are three ways how you can participate.

1) You can recommend names of inspirational or successful people that you want to be featured in this project. These need not always be famous personalities. They can be normal people who you have been inspired by. It would be helpful (and not necessary), to share their contact details so that it will be easy for us to contact them and record their experiences.

2) You can self nominate yourself. You can talk about your biggest mistake and the lessons you learnt from it. You can do that in multiple ways. You can write down your experience as text. Or record your thoughts in audio as .mp3 file. Or just shoot a video of you talking about your experience and host it on YouTube or Vimeo. Once you are done in whichever way you are comfortable in, send the text, mp3 file or the YouTube link to Kiruba[@]

3) You may have learnt important lessons in life from people’s experiences. We all have inspirational people around us who have successfully come out of failures. Talk about what you have learnt from those experiences. Again, you can send them as text, audio or video.

We love your spirit for showing interest in being part of this project. Should you need more information or clarification, do not hesitate to write to Kiruba[@] or call +91-9841597744.

Did we say, we love your spirit of sharing?

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