Only One Cook Can Cook the Best Soup

 I learnt my biggest lesson when in my previous company, I actually  combined two brands  into one as a way of synergizing them. In a quest to  cut down the number of brands and focus on one, we decided to take two  brands which were operating in two diverse fields and make it one. Sure enough,  after a period of one and half years, the consumer feedback was that it was not working. The lesson that i learnt is  you need  to be more externally oriented and work from a  consumer point of view rather  than  an internal company point of view.The good thing is that now both the brands are successful.

The second thing is that i wanted to be an air force fighter pilot but I lost out. My eyesight was weak and I needed glasses. I started my career all over again and learnt not to give up. There are various ways to achieve things. Excitement for life restructured my thinking and lifestyle and i learnt to move like a fighter plane pilot in the marketing profession.

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