The 215 Project is an initiative to connect with at least one interesting person in every country on Earth. This is part of my bigger mission to develop a global mindset. As a person passionate about digital, I know that the World is now a global village. The World is increasingly getting flat and the geographical boundaries are disappearing online. It’s even more important to think international. I’m not just an Indian. I’m not just an Asian. I’m a global citizen. This project is a way for me to walk the talk and continue to learn the craft of developing a global mindset.

A timeline is important for a long term project like this one. I’ve allocated 215 weeks to connect with at least one interesting person in each of the 215 countries. Not just connecting but developing a meaningful, long term relationship. The project culminates on 4th June 2023. Two weeks later on June 20, I turn 50 years and I intend to celebrate by launching a book that will compile the key lessons I’ve learned from this project.


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