How did you come up with this idea?

I’ve been passionate about building an international business. Ever since I started my professional speaking career, I began to realize the immense opportunities to speak globally. I’ve since spoken in 21 countries around the World. This whipped up a greater appetite to explore global opportunities but found that I was getting stifled by my own thought process. I wanted to break the mould and expand my mental horizon. The best way to do that is by interacting with people who have already done that.

Did anyone inspire you with this idea?

I chanced upon this interesting project called 52Cups by Meghan Gebhart, a college student who decided to have coffee with a different person every week of the year. I got to know about Meghan through Lindsay Ratowsky who started a similar project called Fifty Coffees in order to get clarity on her career choices. This got me thinking and I wanted to do this on a bigger and more global scale. This also perfectly coincided with what my friend and global professional speaker, Fredrik Haren, recommended. He said to be a true expert, we need to interview at least 200 experts on a certain field to become good at it. This fits it perfectly like a T.

How can I help you?

Thank you so much for asking. The best way you can help is by recommending a cool and interesting person who has a global mindset. A personal intro would be fantastic. You can point them to this website http://www.Kiruba.com/215 which has full information about the project. My email is Kiruba@Kiruba.com.

I know this great person who fits the bill. How do I connect him/her to you?

Email works best. My email is Kiruba@Kiruba.com. You can email me details about the person with links to their Linkedin or other social media profiles.  I’m particularly looking for people from smaller, lesser known countries. You can find the full list of countries here.

Do I have to wait until 2023 to learn your findings from this project?

Nope. You don’t have to. I will be updating this website with interviews, profiles and key lessons learned about developing a global mindset. Please continuously keep checking Kiruba.com/215 for updates.

Are you offering this topic as a keynote? We are looking for a speaker on global mindset.

Oh yes. I’m deeply passionate about Global Mindset and this fits in perfectly with my focus on technology and digital. These break any barriers and geographical boundaries and is the biggest arsenal in developing a global mindset. You can learn about my professional speaking at http://www.Kiruba.pro. You can reach me at +919841597744 or email me at Kiruba@Kiruba.com

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