There are many ways how you can be involved with this project.
Antique Collectors Meetup: If you are interested in antiques, why don’t we get together for lunch or dinner and share our ideas and thoughts. I’m always amazed at how infectious the passion is whenever I meet another collector. Also a great place to share tips on places to go for the right kind of antiques.

Joint Trips: Antique hunting is more fun if done together. I’ve always enjoyed the knowledgeable company. Also, when we go as a gang, we may have more bargaining powers. I occassionally keep traveling to other cities and will make announcements when the plan gets frozen. Would love to catch up with fellow antique enthusiasts.

Restoration Tasks: We can meet up with a specific task of restoring an old antique. Restoration is a delicate art and has to be done carefully. A few knowledgeable heads are better than one. We can meet up at either one of our places over a weekend.

Information: The easiest and best way to help is to let me know a good place which stocks antiques. I’ve noticed that some of the best places are actually tiny little shops snuck inside a small galli. In some cases, there are not even shops..sold straight from the person’s homes.  Or there could be a collector who wants to offload his collection. Or you found a great piece of antique in an old newspaper mart. Such information is invaluable. Rarely found on the Net. Would greatly help if you can take a minute to email me at or call me at 09841597744.  Appreciate it a lot.

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