Just the night before the exam, you wish you had spent more days preparing for the exam. Imagine how well you could have aced it.

You are rushing to the airport and it looks like you might miss the flight by just 10 minutes. That’s the time you wished you had started earlier.

You lose the cricket match by 4 runs in the last over. That’s when you wished you had hit a boundary in the middle overs.

Sounds familiar? We treat life the same way. Only when we know we are going to lose it is when we wake up to the real priorities in life. This is a serious, real experiment as way to find out my own priorities. I’m extending it to others and compiling together the experience so that others can benefit from it.

People have been saying that facing death has changed their lives and how they view living. Most of the times its for the better.

Also, life is whimsical. You never know when you are going to die. I want to make sure that I set everything right for my family, my parents, wife and most importantly my two daughters just in case something happens to me.

If l lived my life with the same quality and passion the way how I lived my last few months before dying, my quality of life would be astoundingly good. That’s the funda.

I want to meet people who cheated death. I want to learn from them how their perceptions in life has changed. What has been their new priorities after the incident.

I want to meet really old people. I want to ask them a simple question. If we could turn back time and you are 30 years now, how differently would you live your life? What are the most important priorities that you would concentrate on?

Watch out for some interesting insights from this project.

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