1) What is the inspiration behind the book?

I heard Steve Job’s famous ‘Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish’ convocation address at Stanford University and I was inspired. I wondered how much inspiration an individual can draw from a book that is simply the compilation of inspirational speeches. So, I decided to bring together important snippets from distinguished persons who are well known in their own field.

2) How did you go about writing this book?

I first created a list of over 200 top graduation speeches from topĀ universities around the World. I then shortlisted the top 50 speeches. I obtained the transcripts for each of theĀ speeches. As they ran into many pages, IĀ identifiedĀ the most motivating parts of their speeches and obtained concise excerpts. That’s how the book took shape.

3) What is the ultimate objective of the book?

Anyone who picks up this book and reads it must be inspired. At the end of the reading experience, he/she must not just be motivated to strive for excellence but also learn to ask important questions. In short, it must be a thought provoking exercise.

4) When is the book out and where can I buyĀ it?

The book is scheduled for launch in December 2017. The book will be available in both print and Kindle format.

5) Did you gain something in the process of writing the book?

Oh boy! Where do I start? Ā This book is actually an excuse for me to fast track my personal development objective. There is a treasure trove of life lessons and I felt that I should do justice by sharing this to the rest of the world.

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