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February 12, 2018
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Assurance of the expected and joy of the unexpected: what Sterling promises

Stering Holidays MD Ramesh Ramanathan explains the logo and the process of deciding the new strategy

In the second part of the conversation with Stering Holidays’ MD Ramesh Ramanathan, Kiruba Shankar speaks to him about the process of deciding the new brand strategy, the new logo and how he intends to go about achieving the goals set. Some excerpts:

On the arriving at a strategy for the rebranding

We were ready with the new brand in 2016. We could have re-launched back then, but we decided to wait and discover things that we thought our clients would like to know. We also honed in on “assurance of the expected and joy of the unexpected” as a line that summarised the kind of service we wanted to provide.

On the new logo

Each bead in the logo is a bead of adrenalin that sparks joy. The three colours also have a significance. Purple is for depicting royalty; the richness, discovery and sophistication. The warm red is all of us, what we are. The yellow is for the earth, the locations we are in. All the beads in the different colours come together in a pinwheel to spark joy.