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November 1, 2017
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The time was right: Ramesh Ramanathan

Ramesh Ramanathan on reviving Sterling Holidays

Kiruba Shankar spoke to Stering Holidays’ MD Ramesh Ramanathan about the company’s rebranding and the change it has undergone in the past few years. Some excerpts:

On rebranding

The country has changed a lot in the last six years. Lifestyles have changed, there is more sophistication and the need for holidays has increased. Therefore, I think, 2018 was the right time for us to strike. We wanted to finish the work on our hardware… We had to train our people too. On top of all this, we also had to reach a certain size.

On the change in business model

We changed our business model to say that “we’ll be a holiday company… we’ll welcome anyone who comes to us.”

On winning back customers

Getting to know the customers — getting their e-mail addresses and mobile numbers — was a big thing for us. We collected that data first. Then we set about getting our older customers back, and then we established a sales presence.

Source : http://www.bloncampus.com/hangout-at-bloc/movers-and-shakers/the-time-was-right-ramesh-ramanathan/article10051026.ece