What cycle do you ride?
I ride a Schwinn Searcher. It’s a hybrid. You can learn more about it here.

Your cycle looks so pedestrian. Why didn’t you pick up one of those sexy looking racing road bikes?
True. Hybrids are no where near sexy. However, they score high when it comes to riding comfort. I have always felt uncomfortable riding road bikes within the city. Often get neck pains because of the bent handle-bars and the hunkered down position.

How many gears does your bike have?
21 gears. 3 in front and 7 behind. Shimano gears. The best in business.

Did you actually cycle to work everyday?
Yup. I did that for over 8 years. Cycled 22 kms every day. Both ways.

When you cycle to work, won’t you stink from the sweat?
True. I sweat profusely in the Chennai weather and that makes me stink like a pig. Thankfully, the office I was going to (Sify at Tidel Park) were kind enough to have a shower room at work. I would have a wonderful refreshing shower and head to work. Yup, I always take along a change of dress and shoes.

How do you manage to ride in the Chennai heat among all the pollution and traffic?
Actually, its not that bad. The traffic actually makes cycling a lot safer as the other vehicles can’t over speed. When I cycle to work, I actually take the same amount of time I take to drive during rush hour !!

I want to begin cycling. Which cycle would you recommend I buy?
Depends on your budget. If the budget is low, then a BSA or a Hero has good MTB and Hybrids. If you can dig deep into your pocket, a Cannondale or a Schwin is a good choice.

Where does one find about the Cycling events happening in India?
I don’t have a clear cut answer. The way I get to know about events is through mailing lists of cycling groups. Most major cities have cycling groups. You might want to google up and find the group and subscribe. Sorry, can’t be of much help here.

I heard that cycling makes one impotent. Is that true?
Untrue. Its a myth. Ask Lance Armstrong. He fathered a few kids (and he had just one testicle). However, it helps to get some good accessories. The best I would recommend are padded cycling shorts. I strongly recommend them. They make a huge difference. I also use a cushioned seat. So, don’t worry about the impotency. Infact, on the contrary, cycling makes you really fit and actually helps your sex life!

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