How did you go about listing your challenges?
I started out with a list of all the things that are important but found challenging. I listed out things that I would often procrastinate. Then I whittled down the list down to ones that really spoke to my heart. It is important for me to feel excited about a challenge.

Are you sure you will achieve all your goals by 2020?
That’s the plan. Am I 100% sure? Nope. Am I 100% committed to achieving each of them? YUP.

What happens when you fail to accomplish any of these challenges?
I’m going to be a trifle sad. And then I carry on with my life. I’ve taken up this challenge as a way to gamify. I want to make it fun. I want to enjoy the process of achieving things that I find difficult. I’m looking at enjoying the journey as much as reaching the finish line. If I enjoy the journey and still fall short, I’ll still consider it a win.

I love your challenges. I want to create a list for myself.
Good on you. I would definitely encourage you to make your own list. Trust me, it’ll do you good. Go for it and enjoy the feeling of discomfort.

Tell me about your book, ‘My Year of Discomfort’.
It will be a compilation of my blog posts where I document my experience achieving each of these challenges. There are bound to be some Ah-ha moments which I intend to capture. This will be a short, easy-to-read book. The book will be launched on June 20, 2021.

I want to invite you to my organization to speak about stepping out of one’s comfort zone.
I’m happy to come to your organization and speak. This is a subject close to my heart. While I focus my topics on Digital Excellence, I take rare exceptions and this is one such topic. I am a professional speaker and there will be a fee. 100% of my speaking fee here will be invested in buying tree saplings. So, you will be supporting a good cause.