August 7, 2009

Not Taking Quick Decisions is a Mistake

Biggest mistake? Everyone ¬†of my mistakes has come from not taking a decision quickly and at the right time. Whenever I have moved decisively and done […]
August 7, 2009

One Must Respect Competing Views

I really don’t know what to ¬†single out as a big mistake or failure. I think for me, personally, ¬†its always about trying to understand other […]
August 7, 2009

Only One Cook Can Cook the Best Soup

¬†I learnt my biggest lesson when in my¬†previous company, I actually¬† combined two brands¬† into one as a way of synergizing them. In¬†a quest to¬† cut […]
August 7, 2009

Sree Shanth Ho Gaya

Most of the time everybody gets small failures. I think for me, the period when i was not able to play because of a hamstring injury […]

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